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Filing an annual report can be confusing if you’re not familiar with the process. This is where we come in. We will compile and submit all your paperwork.

Fill a Questionnaire

Begin by answering a few questions. This will help us gather a few details about your business and some basic personal details.

We Will File the Annual Report

Requirements to file a statement of information vary from state to state. Our professionals are well aware of the rules and guidelines. So, we will file your report with care and proficiency.

Receive Your Report

After filing your documents with the concerned state authorities, we will send a PDF copy of the report via email.

Why File Your Annual Report With Us?

It’s easier, quicker, and convenient. We do the leg work so that you can focus on your business.


If you run a business that requires you to fill the statement of information regularly, you are most likely to make a mistake. However, we have a streamlined process for business owners like yourself. We make sure you don’t miss your deadline and file your report as soon as the date nears. More vitally, we have the right sources and expertise to help you get your reports documented with the state.


We have helped a lot of businesses file their monthly and annual reports quickly and without complaint. We can do the same for you hassle-free. So, get in touch with us today and let us know everything we need to understand about your business.

Zero Penalties

We understand the importance of maintaining good standing. Once you lose the opportunity to file the report, you will not only be fined heavily but you will also miss the chance of protecting your company’s legal status. And we don’t want the same to happen with you.

100% Satisfaction

We will offer a full refund if you feel unsatisfied with our services. You will be covered under our 100% money-back guarantee policy. You can request a refund, and we will get it done without fail because we like to keep things clear and transparent for all our customers and clients.

Quick Compliance

The state authorities mandate every company to file an annual report as soon as the date of filing nears. We keep our clients up-to-date about the filing requirements and help them submit their annual, half-yearly, or even monthly report in a timely fashion.

Transparent Fees

We will take care of your annual report at a price you would be surprised to see. Our payment structure is also secure and complies with the banking guidelines. We will charge you only once and deliver it to the authorities before the date of expiration.

Hear What Our Customers Say

I am extremely satisfied and convinced with their process of annual filing. They are quite thorough and professional. And the best part was that I could focus on other things while my report was properly submitted and emailed to me.
Cara M.
Took a few minutes for me to complete the form, and the entire process was quite smooth. The best part was that they answered every question I had and took care of the annual report.

Still Confused About Filing Your Annual Report?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!
Annual Report Service FAQs
If you still have questions or doubts? Call us or chat with our team right away

Every state requires a business or company to submit an annual report to keep the information up-to-date. The information includes details such as your company address, name, managers, and other important details your state needs.

You must file the report as per the state instructions. In some states, the period of filing an annual report is yearly, and in others, you have to submit it every two, six months, or ten years. Depending on your business and the type of entity, you have to regularly submit an ongoing report.

If you’re an LLC, the secretary of state must receive regular updates from your company. Especially in terms of the most current name, address, managers, and your registered agent. This also means that if you’re an LLC, you have to file a report quite frequently than entities such as a corporation.

You can choose to file your report with the help of our professionals. They will not only submit the documents, but they will also take care of your state of information deadlines.

As for other types of entities, a corporation must provide information like stock details, directors, and a complete list of other officers.

Besides late fees, and other legal penalties, you will lose your companies good standing. In fact, if you miss to file the report completely, you might be required to dissolve your company for good. And the worst part is that the state no longer recognizes the legal standing of companies that fail to file an annual report. Which, in turn, makes you liable for everything that you enjoyed before.

Your annual report will be due as per the state guidelines. Each state has a different window for filing an annual report. Any company that misses the deadline will have to face the dreaded consequences.

For example, in California, you will be required to file an annual report every six months depending upon the time of your company formation.

Your annual report must contain the following details: 

  1. Location
  2. Name
  3. Revenue
  4. Directors, Managers, Employees
  5. Recent Updates (If Any)

If you’re confused about what your annual report must look like, talk to our professionals, and they will help you do things the right way.