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Business Dissolution - How Does It Work?

You need to officially close your business, or else it will continue to exist.

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Provide us with basic information regarding your business. Answer the questions and carefully submit every form. Your data will remain safe and secure with us. You can rest assured tell us how you would like to dissolve your corporation or LLC.

We Finish the PaperWork

Our professionals will collect all your documents, properly verify them, and file them with the state authorities for dissolution. Once approved, we will thoroughly check the documents and ensure complete transparency.

Receive Your Documents

You will receive your file and the rest of the paperwork via email. You can now officially close your business without having to worry about tax requirements or any other legal paperwork. Yes, it is that easy!
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Why Officially Close My Business?

Not all businesses pass with flying colors. Often it becomes necessary to close a company or dissolve a corporation the right way, and here’s why.

Zero Tax Liability

You need to officially submit documents stating the dissolution of your corporation. If you do not close your company properly, you will be liable to record files and pay taxes.

No Debts

Legal closure puts your clients, customers, and creditors in the notice that you no longer run the business.

Legal Confirmation

Once you dissolve your business, the state will officially strike the name of the company from records. This means you are no longer legally required to deal with the matters of state.

Ready to Start Your Dissolution?

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Frequently Asked Questions
Business dissolution is an official procedure to strike off a company’s name from the state records. It allows business owners to officially file a request with the state and legally close their company for creditors to understand that you no longer conduct businesses or owe debts.
An LLC, a Corporation, and a Partnership can dissolve their businesses, provided of course, they do it in a proper manner. Dissolution of a company whether involuntary, voluntary or ordered must be completed through a notice of corporate dissolution. In other words, you must submit a form and other documents to your state authorities in order to get your company legally dissolved. During the process, all your assets will be liquified and distributed among your creditors to begin the process of dissolution.
Closing a business, a corporate, an LLC, or a partnership is not as easy as hanging up a closed sign. You have to officially close your business in order for the legal authorities to strike off your company’s name from the state records. And the same is possible if you first consult experts and discuss your operating agreement on business dissolution. Not only this, but you should also officially inform your creditors and clear off the debts you owe. All this, along with official filing and liquidation are one of the major steps to business dissolution. However, it can be quite difficult for you to close your company on your own. So, once you’re sure and ready, you can easily get in touch with us and fill a simple form. Rest assured, we will do all the leg work for you while helping you close your company legally.
Our service fee starts at $129. Additionally, we also charge for state filing fees, which may vary from state to state.
If you fail to dissolve your business the right way, you will still be liable to file records with your state, pay taxes as before, and even worse, you might lose the right to protect your personal assets. So, make sure that you get your company legally dissolved and follow all the steps carefully with the help of our professionals.