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Business Setup in Dubai, UAE - EzDocFiling Makes It Easier for You

The Process is Automated to Meet Your Company Formation Requirements

1. Registration

Fill a form through our fully digital portal. Provide basic details and our business specialists will begin the process of calculating cost and license research on your behalf.


2. Documentation

After thorough analysis, we will file Dubai company formation documents on your behalf with the concerned authorities. You just have to sign a few papers and we will get things done as quickly as possible.

3. Approval

After receiving your business license we will gather all the documents and email/mail them to you in a timely fashion. You can start hiring employees and run your company legally in Dubai from thereon.

Are You Planning on Setting Up a Company in Dubai, UAE?

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Why Do We Help You Set Up a Company in the UAE?

To Make the Process Easier and Simpler for You!

Decreased Chances of Trial and Errors

Undertaking the task of forming a UAE Company on Your Own Puts You at the Risk of Making Errors and Losing Money. This Is Where We Come in. We Make the Process Way Too Easier for You While You Focus Completely on Your Business.

Quick Filing Process

Filing documents with the concerned authorities is a full-time job. It requires complete attention. Pausing your business in between and taking out the time to conduct research, file specific forms, hold meetings with officials, etc - you have to choose what is worth your time?


Which license fits your business? What is the right way to file your license? How to choose from 50+ regulatory bodies? These tasks are mammoth in themselves. Let us do the heavy lifting. We will research on your behalf and help you form a UAE company with a well-suited business license.

Professional Assistance

Working in tandem with regulatory bodies, finding the right point of government contact, meeting the legal requirements, opening up a business bank account, and filling out appropriate forms - This is just the beginning of forming a new UAE company.

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I had my visa, but I was facing problems due to the rigorous filing process. All thanks to EZDocFiling they helped me every step of the way. Today, I have a full-fledged company set up in Dubai, and I am looking forward to hiring some employees.
They recently helped me set up a company in the Dubai mainland. Grateful for the quick services and the best customer service response. And the best part was that they kept me updated at every step of the filing process, which reassured me that my company formation is in good hands.
K. Patel
It was a great experience working with business professionals at EzDocFiling. They helped me figure out which license was the best fit for me, found out the right jurisdiction, and then helped me correctly file my papers. I am happy and elated to have received the services from them. Thank you!
Maria G.

What Do You Need to Set Up a Business in the UAE?

UAE Company Set Up FAQs
Find an Expert Answer to Every Question You Have in Mind

Setting up a new company or extending an established business in the UAE is not easy, especially for individuals as they have to look after other jobs and responsibilities. In addition to this, most business owners understand that taking upon tasks such as filing, connecting with government officials in the UAE, figuring out which license fits their business, and the laws related to starting a company in a different country requires a lot of time. Hence, hiring business professionals good enough to make these tasks easier comes as a relief.

By taking charge and offering the expertise to implement and execute effective company formation strategies, business professionals resolve problems faced by business owners. In turn, this happens to be a great solution that helps both new and existing business enthusiasts to form a company in Dubai, UAE.

Rest assured, if you wish to set up a company with the help of business specialists, the steps to formation are very simple:

  1. Fill an online form and provide basic details about your business
  2. Business professionals will conduct research on your behalf and help you find the best-suited trading or business license for your company. 
  3. They will also file your documents with the concerned authorities and help you open a bank account in Dubai. 
  4. Once everything is legally established and signed, the specialists will hand over the complete package to you.
Construction. The construction sector is one of the fastest-growing and established businesses in Dubai, UAE. Another business that holds prevalence in Dubai is real estate The UAE also has a systematic and advanced healthcare system in place. Not only this but large-scale business enthusiasts can find different opportunities in Dubai because of the strong financial sector support. Rest assured, business-like tourism, marketing, law, clothing, arts, automobile, IT, Jewelry, poultry, retail, e-commerce, beauty, and merchandise, all these businesses have a stronghold in Dubai.

The procedure for forming a company in Dubai is as follows: 

  1. Choose your business and company type ( LLC, Mainland, Offshore, Free Zone)
  2. Identify the jurisdiction
  3. File company registration forms
  4. Register trading name to get a business license
  5. Obtain papers and sign important documents as per approvals
  6. Submit all the documents to the relevant authority. For instance, for setting up a Dubai Mainland submit your file to the Department of Economic Development (DED) 
  7. Get your official business license 
  8. Begin operating your company and hire employees legally. 

4-5 days. If you choose the right business professionals or Dubai company formation specialists, you will be able to set up a new business in 4-5 business days. 

However, if you wish to set up a company in UAE on your own, it might take you more than just a week to start a business unless, of course, you are fully aware of Dubai company formation, and you have the right legal contacts in place.

There are different fee structures that you need to incur while setting up a company in Dubai. For instance, company registration cost in Dubai ranges between AED 8,000 to AED 12,000 and the recurring cost for a business license is around AED 10,000 to AED 40,000 per year. 

As for renting an office space in Dubai, you can purchase a decent space from AED 20,000 to AED 30,000.

Yes, a foreigner can set up a company in Dubai. In fact, many businessmen and women from different countries already have an established business in Dubai. UAE actively welcomes out-of-country individuals to invest, fund, and start a new company. 

The benefits of starting a company include: 

  • Easy Dubai company formation
  • Zero corporate tax 
  • No financial restrictions
  • Complete ownership
  • Wide range of business choices and availability of licenses 
  • Quick work visa filing process

There are different classifications of companies in Dubai: 

Mainland Dubai 

Free Zone

General and Limited Partnerships 

Public and Private Shareholdings


Sole Proprietorship

Foreign Branch Companies

Civil Companies

One Person Company