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How to Get a Certificate of Good Standing Online?

The process is quick, simple, and backed by the knowledge and experience of our professionals.

Fill a Simple Form

Begin the process by answering a few questions about your business and some basic details about yourself. We will evaluate your application and get back to you.

We Will File Your Request

Your request is of utmost importance to us. We will start filing your request as soon as possible and work with the state to speed up the process.

Obtain Your Certificate Through Mail

We will forward your certificate as soon as we receive it from the concerned authorities. The process can take up to a few weeks from the date of request.

Why Get a Certificate of Good Standing

We work in tandem with the state guidelines and ensure proper transitions of filing requests.

Good Legal Standing

Every business must have good standing to achieve the desired goals. With the help of a certificate of existence, you can get official validation while remaining in compliance with the state guidelines.

Ease of Doing Business

As a business owner, you will require financial assistance. And the best part is that most banks will trust you blindly if you have a certificate of good standing. It will also help you get business loans.

Compliance in Court

A certificate of good standing is one of the reliable documents to prove your compliance in court. It will help you establish a good impression. On the other hand, businesses with no certificate might face serious consequences.

Proof of Registration

A certificate of good standing is indicative of the fact that all your documents are filed before the due date, your company is properly registered, and you have the legal right to conduct business.

Periodic Filings

Your certificate of good standing or certificate of existence expires at the same time your registration and periodic fees do. So, in a way, a certificate of good standing is a great reminder for you to renew your company’s registration and other important documents.

Good for Merger

As a businessman, if you are looking forward to a sale or a merger, a certificate of good standing can come in handy as proof of validation. So, make sure you get yours today with the help of experienced professionals.

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Customer Testimonials

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Trustworthy and professional. They acted upon my request and requirements immediately. I did not face any issues while filling the form or answering the questions. To be honest, the entire process was quite smooth and quick.
Supportive customer care and quite experienced professionals. They helped me get the certificate hassle-free, and the guidance on what is important for my business also helped me a lot.
Joseph T.
Get answers to the most commonly asked questions regarding a certificate of good standing.
Frequently Asked Questions
Easy Steps to obtain a certificate of good standing: 
  1. Make a request online and answer a few questions about your business.
  2. Submit $90 as our service fee and leave the rest to our team of professionals. 
  3. We will file your request with the state secretary and order the certificate immediately. 
  4. Receive your certificate of good standing via email or mail.

The state of secretary can help you give a certificate of good standing.

You can place your request with us. Our professionals will be more than happy to help. However, if you’re in a rush to get it faster, we will go through the ordeal of getting your certificate as soon as possible while you handle the rest of your business.

Documents you need to obtain a certificate of good standing:
  • Compay’s Registration
  • Additional Qualification Certificate 
  • Attested Statements from Gazetted Officers (At Least 2)
  • Payment (Online)
  • State-ID Proof
Our fee and pricing structure remains the same despite changes in the state fee structure. Also, each state’s fees vary from time to time. Some states charge $50 while others $75.
If you’re wondering for how long is your good standing certificate valid, the answer is not straightforward. I come states it may be valid up to 3 or 4 months. However, in most cases, the validity will last up to a few years or a lifetime depending on the rate of compliance.