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How to Register Your Copyright

Our 3-Step Process is Secure, Simple, and Quick


1. Fill a questionnaire

Answer a few questions and upload your documents through our dashboard. It will not take more than 5 minutes for you to submit the form.

2. Documents Collection

We will compile everything needed for your application. Once completed, we will keep you in the loop and also submit all the necessary forms.

3. Application Filing

We will file your verified and complete application with the United States (U.S) Copyright Office once everything is in order.
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What Can You Copyright?

We can help you secure the following creations:

Copyright Registration

Why should you copyright? It’s your duty to guard the integrity of your work.


When you copyright your work, it’s reserved as a public record, and you become a legal owner of those creatives.

Copyright Infringement

You have the right to sue anyone who uses, publishes, or copies your work without your permission. You can also claim compensation.

Duplicate Imports

The owner can prevent the import of duplicate copies. In particular, creatives recorded as data under U.S. customs.

Transfer Rights

You can transfer your copyrights to somebody you trust, or else a third party as per your discretion and accord.

Control Over By-Products

You will have full control over the byproducts or derivatives created for commercial and personal use.

Legal Protection

You will, at all times, be at peace because you can publish your work without the fear of it being replicated or copied.

Meet Our Customer’s

I was impressed with how they handled my copyright registration request. From my application to filing, they took care of everything that was needed. Not only this, but they kept me in the loop and informed me when to expect the certificate of registration
- Thomas P.
The services were excellent. The process was smooth, quick, and reasonably priced. Even the executives showed exemplary behavior by helping me politely and professionally. I definitely recommend them for copyright-related services.
- Silvia
Patient and helpful. I loved everything about their services. They were by my side throughout the process. Did not overpromise and delivered on my requests before time. I have also gained a lot of knowledge from their legal team.
- Liz

Why Choose Us?

Copyright registration is the safest, quickest, and surest way to safeguard what’s yours. We can help you do it the right way.
We offer a 100% money-back guarantee to customers who have either failed to provide or feel unsatisfied with our services due to unavoidable circumstances.
You just have to provide us with basic information. Rest we will take care of everything – from application submission to gathering all your documents for you.
Your personal data, uploaded documents, and other information will remain safe with us.
Our experts will help you from the beginning till the end of the process. They will guide you in the right direction and answer all your questions.
We have created a user-friendly dashboard for you to upload documents safely and hassle-free.
We have a 24×7 online customer support system to help you regarding the doubts and questions you have for us or related to our services.

Here’s Your Chance to Prevent Copyright Infringement