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A fictitious name will help you establish a strong brand identity. Apply for a DBA (Doing Business As) name today.
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How to File a DBA Name?

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Fill a DBA Name Application

Answer a few questions and give us a business name. Make sure the name is original with no pre-existing evidence. It will take you as little as a minute to finish the application.

We Will Complete the Paperwork

After thorough DBA name research, we will ensure complete transparency while filing your documents, printing a notice on your local newspaper, and submitting an application on your behalf to the state or county authorities.

Receive Your Documents

Soon after your application is approved by the state, we will carefully verify everything and compile the file to be delivered via email. The hard copy will be sent through state postal services.

Why File Your DBA With Us?

Our professionals have extensive experience and expertise to help you get a DBA name hassle-free

Virtual Assistance

We have a 24x7 virtual assistant to help resolve your queries. You can chat with our business professionals any time of the day and ask questions related to DBA filing. You can also call us if the need arises, our customer executives will provide immediate assistance.

Experienced Professionals

Our business specialists have the knowledge and expertise to file your documents quickly and conveniently. You can stay rest assured that they will help you set up your business in the most legit ways, saving you the time and energy needed to focus on important business matters.

Online Database

Your information will remain secure in our database. You can access it anytime you want, especially files that concern your business or require immediate attention. If you find any difficulty finding your business documents you can call us right away.

DBA Name Research

We have a special DBA (Doing Business As) name search customized according to the requirements of our clients and customers. You can use our database to find out which one best fits your business. If you already have a name, then tell us about it, and we will begin filing the documents.

Appeal to Your Niche Market With a Unique DBA (Doing Business As) Name

The Importance of DBA Filing

Stand out from the crowd. Make a strong impression.

Increased Credibility

It is always a good idea to get a DBA name because it helps with additional credibility, especially for entities such as general partnerships and sole proprietorship.


Having a DBA name means you can start rebranding your company without having to form a new LLC or corporation. You have to simply apply for a ‘doing business name’ online and lead the consumers into believing that it is a different business with a new name and market.

Quick Expansion

Those who wish to conduct additional businesses under different names and expand their market, they can do so by simply applying for different DBA names without any complications.

Multiple DBAs

Most businesses create several DBAs under one type of business to establish a sense of competition in the market. For example, 3 food delivery services could have different DBA names even when they are all owned by the same individual.

Decreased Costs

Once a DBA name is registered with the concerned local authorities, you can set your business alias in a comparatively inexpensive manner. However, always keep in mind that filing requirements are set by the governing bodies. So, local jurisdictions and states will have different sets of rules.

Privacy Protection

Applying for a DBA means appearing in a public domain with a different name and identity. This, in turn, helps sole proprietorships and partnerships to minimize the chances of revealing their original name in public-facing documents.
Most commonly asked questions about DBA
Frequently Asked Questions
Not particularly. As long as your DBA is not a part of an LLC or corporation, you will not be entitled to special tax benefits. As per law, you will be taxed according to the profits and revenues your business collects on an individual account.

It depends. If you run a business that requires you to file certain taxes, you will definitely need an EIN. However, not all business owners are required to apply for an EIN. So, it entirely depends on the type of business you have and the types of taxes you pay.

We personally suggest that you get an Employer Identification Number (EIN) because it will help you establish a good standing in the market. Moreover, most banks and financial institutions will most likely ask you to give an EIN number before opening up a business bank account.

$5-$100. The cost of filing a DBA depends on the state or county you reside in. Some states charge as little as $5 while others may ask you to pay a fee ranging between $20-$100. While the costs may vary, the main principle behind DBA filing is consumer protection and submitting the fee on time to avoid hefty penalties.
There are no universal rules related to businesses that can or cannot file a DBA name (s). A ‘doing business as’ comes with added advantages only. So, whether you are Aan LLC, a corp, a partnership, or a sole protectorship planning to do a subsidiary or original business under a different name, you can register a DBA quite easily.
Some people can misuse your trade name when doing business or entering a contract. This is why it is crucial to fill in or write a DBA name properly. For instance, the acronym ‘doing business as’ will go after the original name of your company which is then followed by the registered DBA name.