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Why Should You Apply for an Instant EIN Number?

Without a Federal tax ID, your business will do you no good.

Important for Banking

An Employer Identification Number will allow you to open an official business bank account easily. Most banks will ask you for your ID first. So, get your EIN, if you haven’t already.

Necessary for Your Business

Without a federal tax ID, you will be not allowed to conduct business in a proper and legal manner. Unless, of course, you run a sole proprietorship with no hired employees.

Protection Against Identity Theft

Keeping your Social Security Number (SSN) private is mandatory. With an EIN, you minimize the risk of identity theft. It is difficult for a third party to access your SSN or account details.

Higher Chance of Getting a Loan

Even though EIN is not one of the most important requirements to apply for a business loan. But a lot of money lenders chose to credit loans to businesses with a company credit, and without an EIN that is not possible.

Increased Business Credit

A federal tax ID will help you develop strong financial stability, especially in terms of business credits. You will also get better interest rates to expand your business in different cities.

Hire Employees

It is beneficial for an employer to register and withhold employee taxes on a state level. Only a federal tax Id can help you register for state taxes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

An EIN is a nine-digit no termed as an Employer Identification Number or Federal Tax ID number. This number is crucial for all types of businesses, including LLCs, Corporations, and some types of sole proprietorships. Only the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) can issue an EIN for your business.

The main purpose of an EIN is to differentiate tax accounts of various businesses. You need this number to get high-quality business loans, register for state employer taxes, and to ensure proper tax transactions. Even though some types of sole proprietorships do not require a federal tax ID, those with employers must get an EIN online. It will help them file tax returns easily.
If you don’t file taxes or do not have employees, you don’t have to file for an Employer Identification Number. However, those who file pension plan taxes, excise, and have hired a bunch of employees, must get an EIN number.
It costs $99 to get an EIN. We can help you file an EIN through the IRS without any additional charges or state fees. If you have any questions regarding your state tax ID number, call us and we will help you every step of the way.
As a business owner, you will need to file taxes, open a business account and start a payroll system, among other things. An EIN number helps in this case. It identifies taxpayers and helps the IRS keep a check on a business entity’s various business tax returns such as employment and excise tax returns, whichever applies. Only one EIN number is assigned per individual or entity per day by the IRS to maintain a fair treatment of all taxpayers. Additionally, an EIN number helps businesses with banking, hiring employees and easy application of other important licenses required to operate legally.
It takes no more than 15 minutes to get an EIN number in any state. With EZDocfiling.com, you can apply online and receive your EIN instantly.
Yes, you can have multiple EIN Numbers if you have several business entities under you. However, the assigned EIN number of each of your entities will be different from the other and completely unique. So, you will have to apply for the EIN number for each of your businesses separately.
An EIN number is a Federal Employer Identification Number assigned by the IRS. It’s issued to identify business entities for tax returns. In comparison, Tax ID Number or TIN is a wide term that can include several identification numbers issued to individuals or businesses. It can be issued by the IRS or the Social Security Administration (SSA). Some types of TINs are ‘SSN’, ‘EIN’ and PTIN’. In simple words, EIN is a type of TIN number but they are not the same thing and cannot be used interchangeably.
Every state has different criterias to determine if an LLC is required to apply for an EIN number or not. Generally, LLCs are categorized as corporations, partnerships or disregarded entities. While it is compulsory for corporations and partnerships (basically all multi member LLCs) to have an EIN, in the case of disregarded entities with a single member, an EIN is not required. However, for single member entities with one or more employees or excise tax liabilities, an Employer Identification Number is necessary.
Social Security Number or SSN is issued to individuals whereas EIN is issued to a business. So, you cannot use one in place of the other. However, one exception is in the case of sole proprietors where applying for an EIN is optional and an SSN can be used instead.
Having an EIN offers several benefits: 
  • Easy tax filing. 
  • Helps avoid tax penalties
  • Increases legitimacy and trust as a business
  • Easy and quick loan applications
  • Prevents identity theft
  • Builds business credit
  • Allows easy set up of payroll system
  • Helps open a business account easily
No, EIN is not confidential. EIN numbers fall under the category of public information. But, it should be strictly guarded to avoid any other entity from accessing your information and stealing your corporate identity.
Reach out to the IRS to know if your EIN is active or not. While it takes no more than 15 minute to apply and receive an EIN, it can take anywhere from one to two weeks for it to be registered with the IRS and be active. Reach out to the IRS to learn about your EIN activation status.
No, EIN numbers do not expire, they are permanent. Even if you do not file Federal tax returns using your EIN, it is not reassigned to any other entity and will remain your unique nine digit number. However, in case you do not need an EIN, you can send a letter to the IRS requesting them to close your business account.