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How to Form a Limited Liability Company (LLC)?

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Answer a few basic questions and provide us with your company name and other vital details. It will help us learn a little more about the company you wish to start.


We Will File the Paperwork

We will use the information you provide to gather a file including all important details and required documents. Once the file is complete and verified, we will submit it to the state authorities.

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We will send you hard copies of all the documents related to your LLC via email, and keep a backup. You will receive your LLC package immediately after approval.

Benefits of Forming an LLC?

Start a single-member or a multi-member LLC after tailoring it according to your business requirements.

Assets Protection

An LLC can help shield all your assets from creditors, banks, money-lenders, and other financial institutions. In contrast, as Sole Proprietorships and Partnerships, you are legally required to leave your assets exposed.

Pass-Through Taxation

C companies are required to pay corporate-level taxes. However, as an LLC you can file both profit and loss on individual tax returns. As for multi-member LLC, they enjoy the same benefit, but, they must file informational returns.

Management Flexibility

You can run your company willfully through different individual or managerial roles under a simple LLC Operating Agreement. No other entity gives you the opportunity to manage your company freely.

Increased Credibility

By forming an LLC, you naturally establish an authority for your business and company combined in the eyes of your co-workers, business partners, manufacturers, potential clients, vendors, etc.

Fewer Filing Requirements

As compared to S and C Corporations, LLCs’ have fewer documentation requirements. For instance, you do not have to file anything other than annual reports and ongoing paperwork.

Ownership Structure

You are allowed to independently start a multi-member or single-member LLC without having to think about who and how many members can run your business.

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Frequently Asked Questions About LLC

A Limited Liability Company or LLC legally relieves business owners of owning responsibility for company losses. It establishes private control over any form of LLC business and provides more freedom in terms of management and formation of a company.

LLC stands for Limited Liability Corporation. It is a legal entity that allows business owners and companies to protect their personal assets under state regulations. 

To start an LLC you have to follow 3 simple steps:

  1. Provide us with basic information. Tell us about yourself and your company.
  2. We will gather all the documents, file the application, and do important leg work for you. 
  3. Soon after state approval, we will send the complete LLC package to you via email.    

An LLC is not a partnership. Legally you are allowed to form an LLC with multi-members, but both of them have different characteristics. In simple words, an LLC is a separate entity owned by members who get protection against debt liabilities. And, the chances of asset exposure are next to zero. You can also call an LLC a hybrid form of partnership. On the other hand, a partnership does not operate as a separate entity.  

An LLC member refers to owners, entities, or individuals who make decisions and hold interests in a limited liability company. Ideally, the members of an LLC are the owners running the company just like directors and shareholders in the case of a corporation.

The only exception, in this case, is when Articles of Organization designate a manager as the sole operator of the company. In this situation, owners act as decision-makers only. As for those who do not own the LLC property they may or may not appoint employees, manage the company, or make decisions.

Ownership of an LLC is based on the number of members running the business. For instance, a single member automatically gains 100% ownership. Whereas, a two-member LLC has one owner with 50% ownership and the other with 50% or more as agreed upon during the formation of an LLC. However, owners can add or subtract members by selling or purchasing ownership percentage from other members wherein the total percentage should add up to 100%. In addition to this, members of a limited liability company (LLC) are legally entitled to own profit shares and make vital decisions by voting on behalf of the company. All the governing and managerial rules must be included in the LLC standard operating agreement.
To form an LLC you will need to file crucial documents such as Articles of Organization, Standard Operating Agreement, and Employer Identification Number (EIN) with the Secretary of State. Filing all these documents requires expertise, legal knowledge, and experience. Not only this but proper filing requires your time, energy, money, and full attention. Which, in turn, is a full-time job. So, to make things easier for you we (EzDocFiling) can help file all your paperwork on your behalf. All you have to do is contact our business specialists right away.

As per new amendments to the Internal Revenue System (IRS) code, all LLCs in the U.S. can be formed for an unlimited span of time.

No, not necessarily. You can file all documents with the state either yourself or with the help of business specialists who provide filing services. Either way, if you choose to form an LLC all by yourself, you will be required to gather, prepare, draft, and file legal paperwork with the secretary of state. Which, in turn, can be a time-consuming process.

On the other hand, if you hire filing professionals, you will have ample of time to focus on your business, while experts such as Ez Doc Filing handle do your work for you. 

There’s no limit to the number of members an LLC can have. Depending upon your state guidelines, you can form an LLC with two members, one or even more as per your discretion.

A limited liability company (LLC) can choose to be taxed as an S corp as long as the members earn a reasonable salary, pay distributions with the business profits, and match the IRS guidelines of setting up an S corp. Rest assured, both LLC and S corp have different features.

For example, S corp owners pay only taxes levied on distributions, on their salary, and FICA. This helps the owners save a handsome amount as tax money which may be or may be not required in the future.

Whereas, in the case of an LLC, a pass-through taxation system is followed. In other words, when an LLC owners’ net profit passes through the individual tax return, it automatically becomes subject to certain income taxes. Which, in turn, are largely based on employment tax returns and owners’ tax returns filings.

One of the biggest reasons to form an LLC is its taxation system (pass-through). A pass-through taxation system allows each member to document their taxes returns on company profits and losses. Not only this but the Internal Revenue System (IRS) also does not evaluate taxes on the limited liability company itself. This helps all LLCs to be taxed as single-layered rather than double-layered as is the case with most corporations. Wherein, general corps are taxed at both shareholder and corporate levels.

You can choose to file for a company name yourself or else work in tandem with filing services such as EZ Doc Filing to help you check name availability.

Here are some factors associated with choosing a name for an LLC:

  1. The name must be unique, original, and different from other LLCs.
  2. The LLC name must be registered under the state of formation with respect to the corporation code.
  3. Usage of certain words is prohibited unless you have special permission from the governing bodies.
  4. Naming a professional LLC comes with additional restrictions.
  5. An LLC member (s) should confirm name availability before filing for articles of organization or creating a standard operating agreement.
  6. LLCs filing for a DBA or fictitious name must also look for name availability first.