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EZDocfiling minimizes the hassle of sales permit applications. We will deal with all the paperwork while you relax and wait for your license to arrive.

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We work with registered experts who will make sure that every bit of important information is filed properly and no paperwork is missing. Our legal experts will figure out if you fall within the tax nexus, are eligible for any exemptions and any other information required by the Seller’s Permit Office Los Angeles for registration.

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Our experienced team of legal professionals are familiar with every intricacy of a Los Angeles County Seller’s Permit filing procedure. After thorough research and collection of necessary documents, we will fill out your details meticulously leaving no room for error. We will do the leg work and make sure that you receive your seller’s permit on time.

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While our team is working on getting you your sales permit, you can put your time and effort where it is required – on your business. Once every step of the filing procedure is complete, we will send you your Los Angeles Seller’s Permit so you can run your business more efficiently.

Benefits of a Wholesale License in Los Angeles, CA

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When it comes to having a Los Angeles Seller’s Permit, getting professional help from us is a smart choice. Here’s why.

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You don’t need to worry about the legal jargons and different forms required for a Los Angeles County Seller's Permit. It’s our job to handle all the stress and hassle. Our legal experts will file everything from start to finish so you can receive your sales tax permit on time and carry on with your business operations.

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We take your privacy seriously. All your filing is managed by experts who maintain complete confidentiality. Every bit of your information is kept safe and never shared with anyone beyond the concerned legal professional. No third party can access your details and sensitive information without your knowledge and consent.

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Getting a Seller’s Permit Los Angeles County on your own can get tiring due to all the steps and information required. But our professionals are experienced to not only file with precision but also revise everything to ensure there’s no room for error in your application.

Risk Free Services

You are covered by our 100% money-back guarantee. If at any point of time you feel unhappy or unsatisfied with our services, you can call us, explain your issue and we will give you a 100% refund.

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Answering All Your Questions About Getting Seller’s Permit Los Angeles

Frequently Asked Questions

You can apply for a Seller’s Permit in Los Angeles with EZDocfiling.com. Follow three steps to begin: 

  • Fill out a basic questionnaire. 
  • Provide us basic details and documents. 
  • We will file for your seller’s permit with the CDTFA. 
  • Once approved, we will send you your permit within 48 hours. 
If your business deals with tangible goods and services that are categorized as ‘taxable’ by the California Department of Tax and Fee Administration (CDTFA), it is necessary to apply for a seller’s permit.
Every business must pay their due taxes to the government. A seller’s permit is a legal document or license that helps you collect sales and use tax on each of your taxable sales from the customers and remit it to the CDTFA legally.
If you don’t have a seller’s permit despite your business falling within the tax nexus, you will be seen as a business that’s in violation of state laws. The CDTFA can then issue you back taxes, hefty fines, jail time or even demand closure of business.

As per the CA law, you don’t need to apply for a seller’s permit if you only sell through a marketplace facilitator, don’t comply with the physical and economic tax nexus criteria or have a business that falls within the list of exemptions and exclusions of the CDTFA. 

A seller’s permit is issued to businesses to give them legal authority to collect and remit taxes at wholesale and retail level. Reseller certificate, on the other hand, allows businesses to buy items for resale without having to pay the sales tax to their suppliers.