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How to Get Your NJ Wholesale License?

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Answer a few questions online and help us learn a little about your business. It will not take more than five minutes for you to fill the form.

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Our business specialists will gather your documents, collect the information required, and file your complete application with the concerned authorities.

Get Your Permit

Upon final approval, our officials will send you an electronic copy of your New Jersey seller’s permit.

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We shoulder your burden so that you can run your business seamlessly.

Minimized Errors

Your paperwork grows exponentially as your company or business excels. Handling everything on your own is a full-time job. Plus, the chances of making errors and losing money are high. This is where we come in. We do the leg work for you without leaving room for trials and errors.

Thorough Research

From filing instructions to providing supporting documents and submitting the fees to the local authorities. We have already conducted research on your behalf. Our business experts will present you with a permit research package before you even begin thinking about getting a seller’s permit.

Value for Money

With EZDocFiling you become a part of an incredible journey. We do not charge on an hourly basis or ask you to pay upfront. You only pay once for the filing services you hire us for and we get your NJ seller’s permit or wholesale license in a timely fashion.

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What Happens if You Don’t Get an NJ Seller’s/Wholesale License?

If you run a business that sells, resells, and leases goods at a wholesale and retail price, you must get a permit to avoid penalties and fines.

Legal Problems

Illegally conducting business without a license or a permit is an offense. You will not only be summoned by the court, but you will most likely face serious legal ramifications. So, make sure you get your permit before it's too late. Also, we can help you understand whether you need a wholesale license in NJ or not.


Decreased Credibility

A loss of standing with the local authorities, loss of trust amongst your business partners, and business dissolution are one of the biggest possibilities if you continue selling tangible goods and collecting taxes illegally.


Default Judgement

Experts have the right way and research material to identify the type of license and the kind of permit you need for a business. In the absence of legal expertise, the chances of filing a wrong license and leaving more room for trial and errors increases.

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Love the fact that I can get all the paperwork done in one place. I got my seller’s permit yesterday, and now I am looking forward to setting up my LLC with EZDocFiling.
Taking help from these people has surprisingly been very easy. I was able to get my seller's permit conveniently in under 24 hours. I am not only shocked at how quickly they file my application but also impressed by the user experience they offer from the beginning till the end.
Jack Fowler
A game-changer for me. I was unable to file my seller’s permit and faced a lot of difficulties because of the rigorous fling process and other formalities. But EZDocFiling made everything quite easy for me. From professional customer service to solid business specialists, the process was seamless.

Frequently Asked Questions

One-stop for all your seller’s permit and wholesale license related questions
Terms like seller’s permit and resale certificate are often used interchangeably. However, a resale certificate must not be entirely mixed with a seller’s permit. Because in entirety, a resale certificate allows you to purchase items tax-free. In particular, goods that are intended to be sold in the future. Not only this, but those items and goods will remain tax-free as long as the buyer gives you a resale certificate prior to the sale, or else, you will be liable to pay all the taxes. As for an NJ seller’s permit, it allows you to buy, sell, lease tangible goods at both wholesale and retail levels. Overall, you will be allowed to collect sales and sometimes use tax on behalf of the government.
You can get your NJ Seller’s permit either by taking professional help or by simply filing your papers with the concerned authorities. Because filing can be a lot of hassle, we advise you to hire filing specialists so that you can focus 100% on your business. To file with the help of professionals, all you have to do is follow these three steps:
  1. Answer a few questions by submitting a basic form online.
  2. The filing specialists will gather your details and fill your seller’s permit application. Soon after submitting your application to the concerned authorities, they will regularly update you.
  3. Upon arrival, the business professionals will directly deliver a copy of your seller’s permit via email.
Accordion ContentYou need to provide the following information to get a seller’s permit in NJ:
  1. Your business name
  2. Company address and phone number
  3. Entity type – LLC or Corp
  4. Social security number (SSN)
  5. State ID proof
  6. Email ID
  7. Other important details such as net profit or income
All business owners must get an NJ seller’s permit or a Certificate of Authority if they sell, lease, or buy taxed goods; moreover, any business subject to paying state and use taxes must get a permit in order to run a business legally.
If you’re wondering how much does it cost to get an NJ seller’s permit, the answer is quite straightforward. Professional filing business will require you to pay a certain service + state filing fees.