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How to Get a Seller’s Permit San Francisco?

If you wish to skip the hassle of legal paperwork, you can get a Seller’s Permit the smart way with EZ Doc Filing. All you have to do is follow our streamlined application process.

Fill Our Questionnaire

First step is to complete our basic questionnaire. Help us understand what you need and provide the necessary details. Make sure your information is up to date and accurate. Submit the form and make the payment.

We File On Your Behalf

One of our legal experts will begin the filing process soon after we receive your application. We will collect all the data and complete the filing procedure for your seller’s permit with the concerned government authorities.

Recieve Your Seller's Permit

We try our best to get you your permit as soon as possible. Once we receive the approval of your Seller’s permit, we will deliver it to you so you can begin tax collection and filing before the due date arrives.

Why Do You Need A Wholesale License In San Francisco, CA

Why Choose Us?

EZ Doc Filing is your best bet at getting your San Francisco Seller’s Permit. It’s the best online filing service in the state for several reasons.

Access to Legal Experts

A Seller’s Permit should only be filed by professionals with thorough knowledge of legal procedures and documents. Our team is one of the best in the state and navigates through every legal formality with precision and care so you can get your permit quickly.

Confidential & Reliable

Every step of our process is kept private. We handle everything confidentially and leave no room for information leaks. Rest assured that none of your personal or business information will be shared with anyone except the legal expert filing on your behalf.


Seamless Fast Filing

We leave no room for errors. From start to finish, we ensure to double check every paperwork and do endless revisions before submitting your application to the authorities. So, you don’t have to worry about delays or rejections.


100% Refund Guarantee

Once you choose EZ Doc Filing, you are covered by our 100% money back guarantee. So, if we fail to deliver our service on time or leave you unsatisfied, you can reach out to us by phone or email, tell us your issue and we will give you a full refund.

Apply For Seller's Permit San Francisco

Find answers to the Most Frequently Asked Questions About Seller’s Permit

Frequently Asked Questions
Here’s how you can get a seller’s permit San Francisco:
  • Complete a questionnaire online.
  • Provide us the necessary details of your business.
  • Make the payment.
We will then file your application with the CDTFA and send you your permit immediately after approval.
All business within the state who engage in selling or leasing tangible goods or taxable services are required to apply for a seller’s permit or wholesale license in San francisco in order to collect and remit taxes to the CDTFA.
Not having a seller’s permit when you business is qualified to pay sales and use tax leaves you in violation of the law. As a result, you can attract hefty fines, back taxes, government audits and business closure.
As per the law, a seller’s permit allows you to collect tax at retail and wholesale level from your customers. A resale certificate allows businesses to skip paying sales and use tax to their wholesale suppliers on goods that they have to resell.
Once you receive your seller’s permit, you must do the following:
  • Place your seller’s permit at a visible location where your customers can easily see it. 
  • Keep a strict record of all your taxable sales.
  • Report your sales to the CDTFA.
  • File for your taxes before the due date.