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EZ Doc Filing is made up of a team of legal experts that do the legal filing work for you. From visiting government offices to collecting paperwork, we handle everything on your behalf. Here’s how we help you get a San Jose Seller’s Permit.

Expert Handling And Research

Our team consists of registered experts who are experienced in handling legal paperwork and familiar with the time consuming procedures of government offices. They will do the required research and collect all the information for your business before beginning the filing process.

Fast And Timely Filing

Filing for a San Jose Seller’s Permit involves several legal formalities and information. Our registered agents collect the information and organize everything to get through with the application procedure in the most efficient way. This allows us to avoid any delays.

Get Your San Jose Seller's Permit

We take care of everything from start to finish. Once the filing process is complete and your permit is approved, we will send you your San Jose Seller’s Permit. So, all you have to do is complete our application and relax while your permit arrives on time.

How Does A San Jose Seller's Permit Benefit You?

Why Choose Us?

Legal paperwork and applications are best handled by experts. With EZ Doc Filing, you have a team of experienced agents who make sure you get through with your application without errors.

Access Legal Experts

With EZ Doc Filing, you get a team of legal experts at your disposal. Each of our registered agents are experienced in handling paperwork efficiently. From gathering important data about your business to filing every detail, we will do it for you. All you have to do is relax and wait for your San Jose Seller’s Permit to arrive.

Enjoy Complete Privacy

Filing of legal documents requires complete confidentiality and careful handling of sensitive information. Our years of expertise helps us meet this requirement efficiently. We ensure that your information is secure and not accessible to any third party. Everything you share with us will be kept between you and the registered agent only.


Error-Free Filing

The filing process for a seller’s permit San Jose requires careful attention to details and information. Failing to do so can result in missing deadlines and rejection of applications. We ensure error-free filing by doing unlimited revisions and filing accurately to avoid any delays.


Money Back Guarantee

You are covered by our 100% money-back guarantee. If our team fails to fulfil the requirements of our services or get you your San Jose Seller’s Permit in time, you can call us or send us an email explaining your issue. We will find a solution for your problem or give you a 100% refund, whichever fits best.

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Answering Your Frequently Asked Questions About Getting A Seller’s Permit San Jose

Frequently Asked Questions
If you are selling or leasing a tangible property as a regular or temporary business, you need to get a San Jose Seller’s Permit. The purpose of the permit is to ensure that if your business is engaging in taxable services or goods, you are legally collecting and paying the due taxes to the State Department of Tax and Fee Administration or CDTFA.
Here’s how you can apply for a Seller’s Permit in San Jose:
  • Visit EZDocfiling.com
  • Select ‘Seller’s Permit’ and fill out a basic questionnaire. 
  • Submit your application. 
We will begin the filing process as soon as you submit the application. Once approved, your permit will be delivered to you on time.

Yes, it is important to have a seller’s permit for several reasons.

One, it’s a legal document issued by the State Department of Revenue and ensures all taxable sales are conducted legally. Basically, it complies your business activities with the government laws.

Two, it allows businesses to legally collect and remit sales and use tax.
Three, it allows your customers to see that your business is legitimate and trustworthy.

If a business is eligible to pay sales taxes but does not have a valid seller’s permit San Jose, you are looking at legal penalties such as back taxes, fines, government audit and in the worst cases, closure of your business. Getting a seller’s permit will keep you from missing deadlines and ensure that you maintain a proper record of all your taxable sales.