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After conducting thorough research, our legal help will work to help you file the applications properly. Missing out on even the tiniest detail or filing them wrongly could cost you time, energy, and money. Leave your worries to us, and we will help ensure a proper filing procedure.

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With the help of our legal professionals, you get a golden chance to get back to your business, take care of important matters, and relax, while we take care of your seller’s permit. Yes, you heard it right, the process is that convenient and hassle-free.

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We house a team of professionals with years of expertise and experience. They have helped several clients get their seller’s permits in a timely fashion.

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We understand what you exactly need to file a seller’s permit. Our professionals know what to do and how to carry out the entire process. They will find the exact permit or state sales tax ID you require, and help you every step of the way.

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We keep all your information secure and never share it publicly or with another client. We also understand that not every business owner can put in vast professional expertise in areas associated with legal matters. This is why we get the paperwork done right on time.

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Every seller’s permit is given according to the city, county, or state you live in. Often these states and cities have different requirements for you to fulfill. So, rather than leaving all the leg work to you. They will manage everything from the beginning until the end.

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We do not charge on an hourly basis. You pay once for our services without any additional costs, and we help you get your permit’s license. The only difference here is that state fees may vary depending upon where you live.

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Seller’s Permit FAQs

A seller’s permit, also known as a sales tax permit and sales tax license is a legal document that allows business owners to sell taxable products and services within their respective jurisdictions.
To get a seller’s permit, you have to:
  1. Fill a questionnaire and provide basic details
  2. We will help you gather all the documents and do the leg work for you
  3. File your application on your behalf with the respective state authorities
  4. You will get your seller’s permit in 24-48 hours.
We charge $129 to help you file a seller’s permit on your behalf. However, you have to keep in mind that the official registration fees vary from state to state. For the same, you will be required to pay between $10-$100 additional fee depending upon what your state jurisdiction demands. As for states likes California, Alabama, Washington D.C., Idaho, Illinois, etc., they do not charge any official registration fee.
The process is very simple, quick, and it won’t take more than 24 hours for us to file a seller’s permit for you.
If you own a business in partnership or you are an individual, a corporation, or any other legal entity that either plans to sell or lease at a wholesale or retail level, then you are legally entitled to apply for a seller’s permit in California and the states you have businesses in.
You can use your seller’s permit to buy products or merchandise you plan to sell or resell. Your seller’s permit will allow you to sell and lease material or certain items at a wholesale, retail level. And the best part is that you don’t have to pay taxes to your supplier.
No, a seller’s permit is different from a business license. Both the licenses are different in terms of tax regulations. While a business license is issued by the local municipality or the city for the collection of additional taxes, a sales permit is given by the state authorities for the collection of sales tax. So, no matter where your business is situated, you have to contact your local authorities to get a business license separately. As for your seller’s permit, you can apply for it with the help of business professionals like EzDocFiling.
Yes, you can get a seller’s permit for a nonprofit as long as you sell merchandized goods at wholesale and retail levels. Also, a nonprofit organization is exempt from taxes levied on business profits only. This means it is mandatory for them to pay sales taxes.
Yes, a Federal Tax ID or Employer Identification Number (EIN) is required by the IRS to identify taxpayers, whereas a seller’s permit can help you collect taxes on behalf of the state you’re doing business in. In fact, you have to get a federal tax ID even before you get your seller’s permit.
A resale certificate or a resale license is part of a seller’s permit and it helps businessmen solidify their good standing in the market. Often state authorities file seller’s permit and resale certificates together. More importantly, it helps businessmen certify that they have a seller’s permit.
Yes, you need a seller’s permit to sell online in the state you’re conducting business. You can charge sales tax on the products you sell online. However, businessmen selling products to out-of-state customers must not charge for sales tax. Overall, you will definitely need a seller’s permit to sell or lease goods online.
Yes, an accountant who sells books or any other professional who wish to sell tangible goods at wholesale or retail levels must get a seller’s permit.
No, you can get a seller’s permit and sell goods to other states while conducting business in the area you reside in.
Yes, in some states such as Utah you need to file papers for DBA or a fictitious name before applying for a seller’s permit. Besides, it is always a good idea to get a different trade name for your company as it provides a certain degree of protection.
Yes, a seller’s permit, a resale certificate, a sales tax ID, a wholesale license, and a certificate of authority are all the same things. These terminologies are used interchangeably and they are all a part of each other.
A comptroller tax permit is the same as a sellers permit. These terms are often used interchangeably. Just like you can sell goods at a wholesale level with the help of sellers permit, you can do the same thing with a comptroller sales tax permit. The only difference, in this case, is that some states use ‘seller’s permit’ and others term it as a resale or comptroller tax ID at large. But the gist is that theres’ no difference between the two.